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Billing Procedures

CMU customers are billed monthly, There are three billing cycles, and the date for your meter reading and billing is determined by where you live.

The automatic meter reading system gathers hourly readings from the meters. The charges for your electric and water consumptions are based on these readings. Also included on your bill are charges for wastewater disposal & refuse collection. The wastewater charges are based on usage and the refuse service is a flat fee. Your bill is printed and mailed to the address you have given us. If there is an error in this address, please let us know so that we may get it corrected.

Your bill is due approximately 20 days from the billing date and bills are prorated by the number of days you were serviced. Payment may be made by mailing it to P.O. Box 140, Chillicothe, Missouri 64601, by taking it to the Utilities Office, or by depositing it in the drop box on the north side of the building or in the mail slot on the front of the building. You also have the option to do a single e-check payment through the CMU homepage. If you would like to have the your bill automatically debited from your bank account each month, please signup at the Utilities Office.
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