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Refuse Service - Frequently Asked Questions

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CMU has explored other options such as providing containers, stickers, and just charging a flat rate. It always comes back to the fairness question.

The orange bag system helps to promote recycling and fairness to customers. An example of how this promotes system fairness is to compare the difference in how the charges for the service would be collected in the alternative solution of the same flat monthly fee for all citizens. Consider an elderly individual living by him/her self and only setting out one 13-gallon bag for pickup each week under this alternative would pay the same monthly refuse service charge compared to what a family setting out four or more 30-gallon bags for pickup each week would pay.

The orange bag system allows citizens to manage a portion of their monthly refuse service charge based on their volume of trash.
Have alternative methods instead of using orange bags been explored?
Residential Truck Trash & Paper Compartments
Compartment for other recyclables
Sorted Trash & Recyclables left at the curb for pickup on weekly route day
CMU Refuse Truck