Utility Billing
Utility Billing
Utility Billing
Utility Billing
Utility Billing

Billing Questions - Customer Service # 660-646-1664

Connecting Services

New customers will need to bring the following required documents to CMU Utilities Office located at 920 Washington Street in order to begin services. CMU can normally provide same-day services if the request is made before 3:00 p.m.

1) Application – An application must be filled out and signed. Click here to view/print the utility application.

2) Deposit which must be paid before services may begin. The deposit is applied to your final bill when services are disconnected. Any remaining portion will be refunded in the form of a check mailed to the address on record.

1) Homeowner - Electric & Water $75.00
2) Homeowner - Electric Only $50.00
3) Homeowner - Water Only $25.00
4) Renters & Mobile Home - Electric & Water $125.00
5) Renters & Mobile Home - Electric Only $100.00
6) Renters & Mobile Home - Water Only $25.00
7) Customer with Past Charge Off - Electric & Water $225.00
8) Customer with Past Charge Off - Electric Only $175.00
9) Customer with Past Charge Off - Water Only $50.00
10) Commercial - Customers that have a deposit of $500 or more, may substitute a cash deposit with letter of credit or surety bond issued by reputable guarantor for equal amount. After 12-months and upon customer request, deposit amount may be reviewed and adjusted if necessary. Equal to 2 months of service
Minimum Electric $100 &
Water $25

All customers residing in the residence with a previously unpaid balance must pay that amount plus the higher deposit before restoration of services will be accepted.

3) Identification: Drivers license or some other form of picture identification.

4) Social Security Card or another government-issued document showing the social security number in its entirety.

5) Renters need a rent receipt, lease agreement, or email from the landlord showing the property address and everyone expected to be living at that address. This will serve as the property owner’s consent to connect utility services at that location. Property owners will need closing documentation or property tax receipts in order to begin services.

Transferring Services

Customers wishing to transfer services to a new location in town will need to complete a new application for the new service address. Customers may transfer their deposit to their new service address if locations are on for less than two weeks. If both service addresses need to be on longer than two weeks, a new deposit is required. Customers are responsible for their utility bills at their old location. If payment is not received, utilities will be disconnected at the new service address.

Disconnecting Services

Customers wishing to disconnect services need to call the CMU Utilities Office at 660-646-1664 to provide notice of the requested disconnect day as well as provide a forwarding address. The utility deposit will be applied to the final bill. Any remaining amount will be refunded, and a check mailed to the forwarding address provided. CMU can normally provide same-day services if the request is made before 3:00 p.m. If CMU doesn’t receive a disconnect notice, the services will remain in the resident’s name and the resident is responsible for the utilities used.

Billing Procedures

CMU customers are billed monthly, there are three billing cycles, and the date for your meter reading and billing is determined by where you live.

The automatic meter reading system gathers hourly readings from the meters. The charges for your electric and water consumption are based on these readings. Also included on your bill are charges for wastewater disposal and refuse collection. The wastewater charges are based on your amount of water usage and the refuse service is a flat monthly fee. Your bill is printed and mailed to the address you have given us. If there is an error in this address, please let us know so that we may get it corrected.

Your bill is due approximately 20 days from the billing date and bills are prorated by the number of days you were serviced. Payment may be made by mailing it to P.O. Box 140, Chillicothe, Missouri 64601, by taking it to the Utilities Office, or by depositing it in one of the drop boxes which are located either in the north side parking lot or by the front door of the Utilities Office building. You also have the option to do a one-time credit/debit card or e-check payment through Online Bill Pay accessible on the CMU homepage. If you would like to have your bill automatically debited from your bank account each month, please complete the form at the CMU Utilities Office.

After twenty (20) days a late fee is charged to any outstanding balance and a delinquent notice is mailed to the address on file. The delinquent notice states services will be subject to disconnection if payment is not received at CMU’s OFFICE by 4 p.m. on the due date shown on the delinquent notice. The delinquent notice serves as your disconnect notice. No other means of notification will be sent prior to disconnection for non-payment. Services disconnected for nonpayment will be restored upon payment of past due amount including late fee plus a reconnection charge. The charge for reconnection will be $25.00 if the reconnection is made during regular business hours Monday – Friday 7:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m., and $50.00 if the reconnection is made after hours Monday – Friday between the hours of 4:30 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. Any reconnection requests after 8:00 p.m. will be completed the next business day during regular business hours. No reconnections will occur on a Saturday, Sunday, or an observed holiday.

Insufficient Funds Check

There is a $25 service charge on all returned checks, web payments, and ACH payments. CMU will notify the customer of a returned check by hanging a tag on the door. The returned check amount and fee need to be paid by cash or money order by 10:00 a.m. the following morning. If not paid, services will be disconnected, and reconnection will be subject to payment of any past-due balances on the account along with the reconnection fee.

Illegal Use of Service

Use of unmetered services or tampering with meters by unauthorized personnel is illegal and will be prosecuted.

Right of Access

In order to provide the best possible utility service to our customers, CMU requires access to your premises at all reasonable times for the purpose of:

  • Reading Meters
  • Examining, testing, and changing or moving any CMU equipment
  • Making a connected load count
  • Measuring the customer’s maximum demand
  • Turning on, off, or disconnecting a service or meter
  • Inspecting for cross-connections
Refusal to grant this access for these purposes can result in service disconnection.


Casey Johnson, Electric Supervisor

Casey Johnson
Operations Manager

Hattie Rains, CMU Finance Director

Hattie Morey
Finance Director

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