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CMU offers many different types of trash services including residential curbside, commercial bags, 90-gallon containers, 2-yard dumpters, and temporary dumpsters. We also offer curbside recycling, cardboard 90-gallon, and cardboard 2-yard dumpster collections. CMU has partnered with Hope Haven Industries, a local sheltered workshop and recycler to continue to offer the recycling program. Curbside pickup rates are designed as volume-based and orange CMU trash bags are required to be used for curbside pickup. Each resident or business with curbside pickup pays the same base rate and will need to buy trash bags according to how much volume of trash is produced. Simply put, “The more you throw away, the more you pay.”

Your trash and recyclables must be set out for pick-up by 7:00 a.m. on your collection day.

CMU Orange Bag can be purchased at CMU Office, Westlake Hardware, Walmart, HyVee, and Mid-Town Grocery & More.

13 gal. – $5.00/roll
30 gal. – $10.00/roll
55 gal. – $17.50/roll     *55 gal. for commercial use only


CMU collects the recycled items on the assigned trash day for each resident. Simply set the recycled items next to your CMU trash bag(s) and the recycled items will be collected for transfer to Hope Haven Industries. Hope Haven will sort, bale, and place in containers for shipping.

Glass: We are no longer recycling glass. Place it in an orange bag.

Metal: All aluminum and tin, which includes coffee cans, fruit and vegetable cans, soup cans, etc. are acceptable. All metal must be rinsed and may be put in the same container as plastic.

Plastic: Any plastic item with a recyclable seal marked with a #1 such as peanut butter jars, vegetable oil bottles, and includes all soda bottles. Also, any plastic item with a recyclable seal marked with a #2 HDPE (“natural” color or dyed high-density polyethylene) including milk and water jugs, juice, and bleach bottles. All plastic must be rinsed and can be put in the same container as metal.

Paper: It is necessary for the paper to be in a separate container from the garbage and recyclables at curbside. Paper may be put in any container but CMU recommends using paper bags or a trash can. Also, the paper should be kept relatively dry. Types of paper that can be recycled include: mixed paper products, newspaper, cardboard, books, magazines, wax-covered paper, junk mail.

Large Item Disposal

CMU will not pick up large items.  Large items must be taken directly to the local GFL transfer station located at 201 S. Michell Ave.

Transfer Station & Yard Location (Yard Waste Only)

201 S. Michell Ave.
Turn into the drive off Michell Ave., go around the little blue office building, and the yard waste area will be on the right side.

Burn Site Location (Brush Only)

Turn onto Ryan Lane which runs into LIV 238, cross over the railroad tracks, and it will be on your right side.

City-wide Spring Clean-up Location

Travel down Third Street and turn right onto Mitchell Ave., cross over the railroad tracks, and turn left into the first gate.

CMU offers four days in the spring for dumping free of charge to CMU customers. Please check our calendar for the schedule of events.

Hazardous Waste Drop-off Location (see calendar for available date)

 215 Brunswick Street

CMU offers one day this Spring for Chillicothe residents to bring household hazardous materials to our drop-off site located at 215 Brunswick. Please check our calendar for the scheduled events and our flyer for accepted items.

Drop-off can include the following: • Motor Oil • Weed Killers • Mothballs • Paints and Thinner • Chemical Drain Cleaner • Adhesives • Brake & Transmissions Fluids • Pesticides and Fertilizers • Photo Chemicals • Auto & Furniture Polish • House and Auto Batteries • Partially Empty Aerosol Cans • Pool Chemicals • Dry Paint Cans

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